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Leadership guru Adam Mendler goes one on one with America’s most accomplished and insightful people on how they made it to the top and how you can too.

Each episode features a wealth of practical, actionable advice from a leading CEO, founder, athlete, celebrity, influencer or general / admiral. Learn how to lead in today’s landscape, become your best self and excel personally and professionally – in thirty minutes.

Jun 1, 2020

Kino MacGregor is one of the leading yoga influencers in the world, with over a million Instagram followers and more than 140 million views on her YouTube channel since its inception. Kino joins Adam to explain how anyone can improve their life trajectory, physical and mental health, and daily performance. Kino shares a series of tangible, practical tips listeners can implement while delving into her core message of total life transformation. Kino and Adam also discuss Kino’s personal journey and her strategies in approaching social media.